Agensi Pekerjaan STF Saujana is a one-stop manpower solution provider for foreign & local worker recruitment for businesses & companies in Malaysia. Founded in 2018 by experienced recruitment and HR professionals, Agensi Pekerjaan STF Saujana aims to be one of the leading recruitment agencies in Malaysia.

We are a licensed professional recruitment agency in Malaysia by the Ministry of Human Resources (JTKSM 596C) and we have been providing manpower solutions to local clients with workforce either skilled or unskilled from source countres i.e. Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar, China and etc. through our extensive networking and capability to various industries including construction, manufacturing, agriculture, plantation & services sector.

Agensi Pekerjaan STF Saujana offers a wide range of recruitment services including Permanent Placement, Contract Based Staffing, Temporary Staffing and International Recruitment Services ranging from small to large multinational organisations representing various industries such as oil & gas, information technology, manufacturing, construction, logistics,  plantation and many more.

We at Agensi Pekerjaan STF Saujana are committed to providing the highest level of service to both employers and job seekers. Using a thorough research and groundwork allows us to understand our clients’ needs thus providing them with candidates’ that are equipped with capabilities and interests that will fuel their organization. This ensures time saving for both candidates and clients.

Vision & Mission


To be the most reliable and dependable Employment Agency in Malaysia.


To be globally recognized as a reliable recruitment partner with capability of providing the highest standard of value to our clients.

Regardless where we are or what we do, there are fundamental beliefs and behaviors that guide our decisions, focus our actions and unite us as a company. It is our vision to enrich people’s lives by maximizing their potential at work. STF Saujana’s vision and values serve to inspire how we interact, create and deliver on our promise to clients, job seekers and ourselves. We connect individuals to jobs which will stretch their capabilities. We provide companies with quality HR consultancy and customized solutions to attract the optimal candidates who can enable the companies to grow new revenue streams, improve efficiency and enhance the bottom line. We continue to build our strength in providing the desired quality service that most job seekers and employers desire, through hard work, integrity and commitment, we grow towards sustainable development of our business with support from our business partners. We are committed to respect for employers, job seekers and community and the role of work in their lives; sharing our knowledge and expertise to develop sustainable workforce practices; and striving for excellence through innovation to develop socially inclusive working environments for the long-term.

Our Team

We believe that solving our clients staffing issues are our core business therefore our team comprises of experience consultants from diversified background who possess a strong knowledge of the industry thus enabling us to fully understand client’s requirement needs. 

We utilize varies methods when it comes to candidate sourcing from headhunting, referrals, print advertisement, online advertisement and campus recruitment to attract strong candidates’ network to fulfill our client’s needs which we take pride in our motto, ” Your Manpower Resolver”  

Our Business

Our dedicated and experienced management team possess strong and in-depth knowledge of the industry and employment trends which enables us to deliver manpower solutions effectively and efficiently to our clients.

To date, Agensi Pekerjaan STF Saujana hava successfully assisted our clients to bring in more than 2,000 local and foreign employees. Agensi Pekerjaan STF Saujana offers a comprehensive array of manpower services management and consultancy services for its clients including:

Licence and Permit

Agensi Pekerjaan STF Saujana had been granted C License by the Ministry of Human Resources (JTK) on 15th March 2019.

 Under Malaysia Private Employment Agencies Act 1981 (“Act”), private employment agencies operating in Malaysia must have a C License under the Act (“License”) before they can carry out any local and foreign recruiting activity in Malaysia.